Covid Pandemic & Lockdown affected IVF access to many couples

Covid Pandemic & Lockdown affected IVF access to many couples

Covid 19 Pendemic badly affected all segment of the industry across the India and world, This also affects badly the IVF plans of many couples

Hyderabad – Covid-19 Pandemic badly affected all segments of the Industry across the world, But this pandemic may have put an end to the plans of assisted reproduction or in vitro fertilization (IVF) for many couples, especially elder couples, say experts. Though the lockdown has been lifted and many healthcare facilities have opened, infertility treatment centres mostly continue to remain elusive. Only 800 of the 2,000-odd IVF clinics across the country have opened till June. But Transportation facilities specially Air and Rail still not available for the common people, due to non-connectivity of transportation and fear of infection pf Cpvid to IVF support seeker making situation poor

Speaking at the ‘Reproductive Health e-Summit’, experts pointed out that many women are postponing their plans due to fear of Covid-19 infection “This might be a problem for the older couples who may not have the time like their younger counterparts and it is wise to start their treatment at the earliest,” said Dr Jayesh Amin, clinical director, Wings IVF Group, Gujarat Chapter Secretary for Indian Fertility Society (IFS)

News Source Times of India, July 27, 2020

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