On World IVF Day Warangal couple welcomed twins by IVF

Dr Kavya Rao of Oasis Fertility centre said the happy couple, who were blessed with fraternal twins, hailed from Pandurangapuram of Khammam district.

Warangal Urban – Yesterday on July 25, being observed as World IVF Day, But this Coincidence was a happy day of Warangal couple, A woman undergoing treatment for infertility, gave birth to two twins aboy and a girl at Oasis Fertility centre on Saturday. Both the babies are doing well, according to Dr Kavya Rao of the fertility centre.

Dr Kavya Rao said the happy couple, blessed with a double bonanza with fraternal twins, hailed from Pandurangapuram of Khammam district. The mother and the babies are expected to be delivered in two or three days.

Dr Kavya Rao said the babies were conceived in an advance method called In Vitro Maturation (IVM), which is an assisted reproductive technology which involves collecting eggs from a woman before they matured.

“In IVM, the eggs undergo the maturation process outside the body in a petri dish whereas in IVF the maturation is induced inside the woman’s body and involves injectable hormones. Once the eggs complete their maturation process in the lab, they are fertilized, and the developing embryo transferred in the uterus similar to standard IVF procedure. The main advantage of IVM is by avoiding excessive ovarian stimulation, IVM virtually eliminates the risk of a potentially serious complication of IVF known as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). For women at high risk of OHSS, therefore, IVM is the potentially safer therapy as it requires minimal drugs” she added.

News Resource – telanganatoday.com, 25th Jul 2020

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