In a first, IVF baby born at Delhi’s Central Government’s Safdarjung Hospital

Dr BL Sherwal, Medical superintendent of Safdarjung Hospital, said In a first, IVF baby born at Delhi’s Central Government Hospital

Medical Superintendent Dr B L Sherwal said this is the first time when A 36 year old woman delivered a baby boy through IVF procedure was conducted at the central government-run hospital.

Dr BL Sherwal, medical superintendent of Safdarjung Hospital, said last week that Safdarjung Hospital became the first central government facility to successfully delivery a baby through IVF. A 36-year-old woman who had suffered intrauterine insemination failures previously. Dr B L Sherwal, Said “Both mother and child are in a stable condition and are doing well,”

The delivery took place in the emergency department on last week through a lower segment Caesarean section (LSCS) surgery. The treatment was free of cost and was done by consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Bindu Bajaj along with a team of doctors

Another team member of this IVF Project Dr Divya Pandey, who oversaw the IVF process till delivery, said that the baby boy was born to a couple, the woman is 36 and the man 37, who have been married for last 6 years.

First IVF baby at Saafdarjung Hospital New Delhi

“The important project of IVF facility at obstetrics and gynaecology department, at any central government hospital, turned into reality on the auspicious day of Lohri, when the first IVF baby was born. The baby was delivered by prof Dr Bindu Bajaj, the present head of IVF unit, and her team,” Sherwal said.

He said both the mother and the baby are currently stable and recovering at the hospital.

Dr. Sherwal said the groundwork for setting up an IVF centre at Safdarjung Hospital started in 2015, and project was completed in 2019, but the project itself got delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

Dr. Sherwal clarifies that “This treatment is completely free of cost in this hospital and this facility will be beneficial for many couples who are unable to afford expensive treatment in private clinics to complete their dream for a children.

Sherwal said, adding that a dedicated infertility OPD is open from Monday to Saturday in the OB-GYN department at the Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi.

News Desk – Infertility Hospitals, January 24, 2023

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