Paris Hilton denies her mum Kathy’s statement about her ‘struggle’ with IVF: Hilton says ‘I don’t know where she got that’

Paris Hilton mother's claims for IVF Struggle of Paris Hilton but she denies

Famous Hollywood actress Paris Hilton has denied her mother Kathy Hilton’s claims that she is finding IVF a ‘struggle’ as she tries for a baby with husband Carter Reum.

The famous socialite who is now 41, has been undergoing IVF with her partner Carter, who is also 41, but confirmed it has ‘never been a struggle’.

Her mother Kathy, 63, had earlier told E! News that it ‘breaks her heart’ her daughter has not yet fulfilled her dream of having a child of her own.

She previously said: ‘It breaks my heart because I know she is trying and trying and I always say, “Just relax.”

Paris Hilton and Her husband Carter Reum

‘So many people, they struggle and it doesn’t just happen like that.’

When Paris was approached by a reporter for TMZ this week, she addressed the claims, explaining: ‘I don’t know where she got that, it’s never been a struggle at all. We don’t talk about that’

Speaking about their journey, Paris confirmed: ‘I have tons of embryos, they’ve all just been waiting, we’ve been stocking up on a lot of them.’
Paris also shared her advice for anyone thinking of going down the IVF route, adding: ‘My advice is definitely to do IVF and you’ll find the right person but I wouldn’t just depend on that. I’m lucky I found my perfect half to do it with.’

She had previously revealed that she would like to have multiple children with Carter, telling E! News’ Daily Pop ‘I cannot wait to have kids. That is definitely one of my top priorities.’

Paris added that she wants ‘probably two or three’ children ‘and I would want twins first – or I don’t know, it’s hard to say.

‘Like I always wish I had an older brother, ’cause I feel like if I did they would protect me and things like that …in school. So maybe a boy first.’

She also revealed to TMZ that she is still holding out hope that her missing dog, Diamond Baby, may be found safe and well after ‘nine different psychics’ told her the chihuahua was alive after it went missing.

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