UK Widow gave birth to IVF twins conceived with her late husband’s Frozen sperm died 3 years back

UK Widow gave birth to IVF twins conceived with her late husband's Frozen sperm died 3 years back

A heartbroken widow has given birth to twins through IVF by Frozen Sperm of her husband who died due to throat cancer 3 years back.

Lucy Kelsall, 37, from Bristol has welcomed twins 2.5 month back using the frozen sperm of late husband who died from throat cancer in 2017.

The proud mother, Lucy Kelsall married to her husband David, 45, from Preston, Lancs, in 2012 and She had made a promise to him before he died that he would be a father regardless of his cruel fate.

Despite being told by doctors that her chances of getting pregnant were less due to her cycle beginning before an embryo had been transferred, but finally she got success, the community centre manager gave birth to two healthy boys, David and Samuel, after her second round of IVF, in 2019.

She was talking about her husband David and said: ‘A few days before he died I told him I was still going to have his baby and he was so surprised and happy. He looked so proud and he would have been an amazing father.

Both babies have some similarities with David ‘One of them has David’s long legs and big feet while other has his green eyes.

‘The doctors said my womb wasn’t the right environment and the IVF wouldn’t work due to my womb being inhabitable I insisted they gave it a chance.’When I found out there were two heartbeats the doctors were amazed.’

The couple married in 2012 and just after 2 years the had received the devastating news about the David who had a secondary tumour in his throat by the mental health worker. From 2012 to 2015, David had 99 rounds of radiotherapy and his voice box and part of his neck was removed and he used an electronic device to communicate.

The couple, who had dream to start a family since they got married, They had started trying for a baby before David became critically ill in 2014 and eventually made the decision to freeze his sperm before treatment made him infertile.

Just days before he passed away, Lucy made a promise to him that she’d use it to have his baby. leaving David’s mother, Wilma, 85, from Preston, Lancs, delighted.

Wilma said: ‘It’s a double edged sword because I’m devastated about David but also so happy and so pleased for Lucy.

David’s mother, Wilma  said when he died I did think that my chance to be a grandma to David’s children had gone but I knew it was in the back of Lucy’s mind and that they’d saved the sperm.

‘She’s given me the chance to be a grandma to David’s babies.

‘I’m delighted because it’ll be carrying on the family name.

Wilma is very much happy when she got news of twins, She said I prayed it would work and I prayed for them a lot before they were even born.

‘They’re an added gift and they are lovely, David looks like my David and Samuel looks like his mum.

‘Little David and David have the same eyes and facial expressions and Samuel has his dad’s long legs legs and big feet.

‘The way they look at me is the same.

‘David was amazing, such an inspiration and an intelligent and caring man.

‘I couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving this earth without passing his genes and the hope of having his child kept me going and now I see a future again.

‘I will tell the boys about their dad every day so that he’s still a part of their lives and I have some photo albums to show them of mine and David’s life together.

‘We’ll visit David’s favourite places as a family, he loved the sea and Penarth pier where I scattered his ashes and I’ve saved some of his ashes for the boys to scatter when they’re older.

‘Having these boys was a way of making sure David is never forgotten.’

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