Leading Chain of IVF Centres “Seeds of Innocence” launches first IVF Centre in GCC country Oman

The soft launch of the leading IVF Centre Seeds of Innocence inaugurated by A. Lateef and Dr. P.A Mohammed Managing Director(s), Badr Al Samaa Group in the presence of the team from Seeds of Innocence.

Seeds of Innocence, a leading chain of IVF Centres on 8th February announced that it has opened an IVF centre in Muscat, Oman. the facility has been established in a partnership with Oman’s largest private healthcare group, Badr Al Samaa. As per the press statement released by the company, The company claims that the centre is equipped with advanced infrastructure and a multidisciplinary team of infertility specialists and embryologists.

“This newly launched centre in Oman is the first in the larger growth plan envisioned by Dr. Gauri Agarwal Co-Founder & Director of Seeds of Innocence, and we’ll soon see expansion in GCC, Africa & South America. Seeds of Innocence currently owns and operates 15 IVF & Fertility centres across 8 Indian states and was also the first IVF center in the country to have an in-house genetic testing lab, back in 2017,” it stated.

The soft launch of the IVF Centre was marked by the presence of A. Lateef and Dr. P.A Mohammed Managing Director(s), Badr Al Samaa Group who inaugurated the centre in the presence of the team from Seeds of Innocence which included Dr. Gauri Agarwal, Co-Founder & Director, Anjali Dubey, Business Head & their CEO Chetan Kohli.

Managing Directors of Badr Al Samaa welcomed Dr. Gauri Agarwal, specialist gynaecologist and IVF and Dr. Mohamed Fawzi, visiting consultant IVF.

Dr. P A Mohammed, Managing Director of Badr Al Samaa said Oman has recently seen a increase in infertility cases and it was an appropriate time to start IVF for the first time in our group.

“While we have been regularly conducting Infertility Screening camps in multiple international locations, including Africa, since many years, this will be our first comprehensive IVF unit overseas with dedicated full time team of gynaecologists, IVF specialists and embryologists. Being a GCC country, Oman also has a lot of consanguine marriages which leads to an increased risk for recessive disorders in the resulting offspring. This is where our expertise in IVF with reproductive genetics can be a boon for such couples,” Dr. Gauri Agarwal, Director and Co-founder, Seeds of Innocence, said in a statement.

News Resource – financialexpress.com, February 08, 2023 & Seeds of Innocence

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